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 Kuroshitsuji 2 {Monoshitsuji}

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Xerxes Break
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Admin of Pandora

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PostSubject: Re: Kuroshitsuji 2 {Monoshitsuji}   Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:33 pm

ok Ronald Knox his voice actor for the english dub has been confirmed!!!!!

the person voiceing him is

Joel McDonald

he did the voice of poland in hetalia lol

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Oz Vessalius
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Pandora Mod

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PostSubject: Re: Kuroshitsuji 2 {Monoshitsuji}   Fri Jan 27, 2012 4:52 am

Poland as Ronald?


I'm concerned about that. Please, Funimation, I'll just trust in what you're doing.

Have you guys seen the clips released today? I was really surprised to come home and see that they were up! It was really nerve racking clicking on that play button, let me tell you.

My thoughts:

Alois- Almost peed my pants in fear before I heard his dub knowing he was going to be voiced by Luci Christian. Not because of her acting skills, but I'd only heard her voice boys much younger than Alois and wasn't sure if she was going to pull it off. Once I finally heard him I felt very relieved. He may sound girlish, although so does Ciel which I've gotten used to. There's this certain creepiness to his voice that sends a chill down my spine, so that's good. Overall I'm pleased with him.

Claude- I've heard mixed responses when it comes to him. From what few lines I've heard from him, he sounds pretty good. Call me crazy, but I hear a bit of Jack Sparrow in him. I can't be the only one hearing that.

Hannah- Perfect. I wouldn't change anything about it. Her voice is so soft and lovely. I think she might have pulled off the accent best.
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Will of the Abyss
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PostSubject: Re: Kuroshitsuji 2 {Monoshitsuji}   Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:07 am

@Oz:Oh how I've missed Kuroshitsuji~
Anyways.... to be honest...I like it! Alois sounds a little too girly at times, but I can tolerate it. Claude's is ok. Hanna's is really good. owo
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PostSubject: Re: Kuroshitsuji 2 {Monoshitsuji}   

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Kuroshitsuji 2 {Monoshitsuji}
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