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 Epic Typos

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PostSubject: Epic Typos   Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:34 pm

Share epic typos here. :3

Haha, my favorite typo every was when I was in the MarioRP chatroom on deviantART, and I was RPing with a few people (Jr and Fruit in this case). Jr was RPing as his OC Bubbles the Boo, and Fruit was RPing as Yaridovich from Super Mario RPG. In character, Bubbles asked Yaridovich who he was and then instead of typing "I am the GREAT Yaridovich!" Fruit accidentally typed "I am the GREAT Yaridobitch!" and then we all laughed.

The one other story from MarioRP that rivals the Yaridobitch incident would probably be this one: During this one event called the "Cruise RP" where all the RP characters are on a cruise ship, Beegull and Sambabeat were RPing as Fawful from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Count Bleck from Super Paper Mario. In character, Fawful tried to sneak into the command room of the ship and take control of it, and then Count Bleck appears and instead of saying "This ship is under Count Bleck's constant supervision", accidentally says "This shit is under Count Bleck's constant supervision." and that typo still follows Sambabeat everywhere. XD

Anyways, what are your stories, if any?
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PostSubject: Re: Epic Typos   Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:31 pm

@Emily: hahahah XDD

there was one on facebook and its a 'like' page which says
A typo can ruin a relationship. This guy texts his wife and says, "I'm having a great time hope you were her." when its supposed to say here. XDD sorry but I think its funny XD
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Epic Typos
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