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 (Semi-) Random Adventure: Servant Edition!!

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PostSubject: (Semi-) Random Adventure: Servant Edition!!   Sun May 22, 2011 10:51 pm

So, unlike the other Random Adventures, RA:SE (dude, YES it has a cool abbreviation already) will NOT be featuring a SpaceTime jumping remote named INTERCOM. Just normal servants in their (awkwardly mashed up) normal world.

Plot: Servants are given (or "given" oni040 ) a day off. Some don't know what to do without their masters, some find out about this whole magical thing called a "social life", some simply learn to appreciate the order and time consumption offered by their normal work, and some... cry.

Style: Super laid back casual! So script is allowed (and, in fact, probably what I'll be using) as is paragraph, and, if you wish, a mixture.

Start: some time on the 29th

Characters: Any servant! Or anyone who needs someone in a somewhat servile way. Please include the name of your character, the name of their master, and what they are from, along with a smallish headshot of them when joining. You may also include particularly well known OCs if we get enough of the RP regulars in here. Limit 5 (including those who swap in and out). Certain allowances may be made for inseparable characters, like a 3-for-2 deal on Thompson/Timber/Canterbury (Hannah/Alois): Kuroshitsuji or something like that)

Characters (Canon)
Hedyeh (Asye): Ladies Versus Butlers! - Cheshire

Characters (OC)
Sophie (Vincent): Pandora Hearts RP -Cheshire (PENDING)

Other notes:
Does Cheshire want to be Agni (Soma): Kuroshitsuji or Mori (Honey): Ouran Highschool Host Club?
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(Semi-) Random Adventure: Servant Edition!!
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