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 There's Something "Wrong" With Jack

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PostSubject: There's Something "Wrong" With Jack   Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:32 am

I know I've said some of this elsewhere, but I thought it might warrant its own topic.

What is Oz's sin? What's wrong with his existence? Why should he never have been born? So far we've been told that "Oz Vessalius is the container hiding the existence of Jack Vessalius. If the container is broken, then Jack will resurface, and the Intention of the Abyss that chases after him will further interfere and twist this world." Or so Lottie said Zai said. Why does the Will of the Abyss chase after Jack? Because of the intense love and hatred she has for him. We don't know what made her hate him (aside from hints that Jack picked Black Rabbit over her), but we do have a pretty good idea of why she's in love with him. That being the result of Jack spending a lot of time with her when she was locked in Glen's tower.

So I think this is where it started. I think Glen tried to keep the WotA contained in a neutral environment where she wouldn't develop a personality or desires of her own. Because, as he said, the WotA shouldn't have them. Then Jack comes along, sweeps her off her feet, and you now have a self-aware Abyss goddess chasing after one guy and warping reality in the process, both through the intensity/insanity of her feelings and through actually altering it through her power. This is a big problem for the world, and it is a problem that's based purely on Jack existing. I think this is the "sin" that got transferred to Oz, but there's gotta be more to it than that.

Jack has at least 5 different personality aspects:

Friendly Jack, who is cheerful with Gil (not counting the slashy part XD), Alice, and pre-Sablier Glen. Probably an Oz-like tendency of appearing happy while repressing pain. So far so good.

Angsty Jack, who is crying during Sablier tragedy, feels horribly bad for killing Glen, is sad for what happened to Gil and Alice, and talks about his own weakness. Completely understandable.

Manipulative Jack, who is willing to take advantage of people to further his goals, whether through creative truth-telling or lying. Dunno what to think of this one yet; will depend on his motives/goal.

God-like Jack. This is where things get weird. Jack has an overwhelming aura of transcendence, power, and awe. It's liquid and flowing, while at the same time terrifying, inspiring reverence and obedience in others. Reim thinks that it feels like Jack sees through everything. Where the hell did Jack pick up something like this? He doesn't feel so imposing in any of the flashbacks. That watery sensation and the ripples around him seems like a strong Abyss influence. I'm sorta thinking he either fused with or is being manipulated by something incredibly powerful. This leads us to...

Homicidal Jack, or what I call "B-Rabbit High," because it seems like a drug to me... like someone hopped up on crystal meth who doesn't register pain or consequences of their actions. And, seeing his euphoric reaction to Lacie (whether real or imagined) in chapter 65 makes me think that Lacie is the real drug, if she's not the B-Rabbit itself. Some weird combination of his feelings for Lacie and the enormous power of B-Rabbit sends him over the edge and he goes on a bloodthirsty rampage. Probably happened during Sablier tragedy, too:
We know that normally people can't handle the Black Rabbit's power, that's why Oz had to have it sealed until Jack taught him how to use it. Was there anyone to seal it for Jack? Maybe he did get consumed by it in some way.

But maybe he's in a kind of transcendent power high from whatever is generating his Abyss aura in general, and he gets some kind of special crazy wisdom/insight from it.

Also, there's something strange about Oz's blood. He's probably not fully human either, which may go back to Zai doing something to Oz when he was born. I don't think Oz got switched, btw, if only because he looks so much like the other Vessaliuses, but who knows.
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There's Something "Wrong" With Jack
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