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 Prophecy and Lacie's Tomb

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PostSubject: Prophecy and Lacie's Tomb   Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:38 pm

I've been wondering about this for a while...

Lacie's grave. Why is it on Vessalius property? Well, I kind of assume it's on Vessalius property since that's where Oz's coming of age ceremony was, and it's not in Sablier where the Baskerville mansion was... but did the Vessalius always own it?

Oz didn't grow up there, as if the Vessalius actually *live* somewhere else: "It is a beautiful mansion, isn't it? Word has it that it was built over 200 years ago, but now it's only used for the Coming of Age ceremony. You can seldom come here, so think of it as a strange party of sorts and enjoy yourself!"

That mansion is also where the Clock Tower of Silence is, the clock that stopped ticking 100 years ago. It's linked to a prophecy: "When the one whom we await descends upon the promised land, the bell will toll to break the silence." Yura had a clock tower like that in his mansion (here + 2 pages), and when it reached midnight he said "lets reenact the tragedy." Seems important. The Clock Tower of Silence was stuck right before midnight, and when Oz touched it it moved to midnight position.

In that Pandora Hearts pilot, it's said that Black Rabbit controls time. Can that still be relevant?

Anyway, point being, seems like the clock is tied to the Sablier tragedy somehow, but it's not located in Sablier. It's at the now-Vessalius mansion. And is that mansion even owned by Vessalius? Or is it some national landmark because of the prophecy so everybody goes there?

...where was I going with this? >.<
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PostSubject: Re: Prophecy and Lacie's Tomb   Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:16 pm

Maybe they got the mansion because of 'what Jack did' thats what i always thought...but obviously recent chapters have kind thrown a wrench in that idea -_-''
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PostSubject: Re: Prophecy and Lacie's Tomb   Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:08 am

Hmm good question! I wonder if, and this is probably a stretch, Lacie married Jack (could also explain Oz’s right to use the power despite being a “reincarnation”- it runs in the family lol) so naturally she would be buried on her husbands, since the male would never inherit the females last name, land and if it was the Vessalius main house but because it’s so old- and with their new social standing- they built a new one.
Or perhaps something a bit more sinister is at play and they were keeping it the same till the “one whom we await” returns. I would not be surprised if the Vessalius household has a more active role with abyss, like the Baskervilles somehow or a house that served under them, considering their symbol is the golden wings with a green stone. Elliot also describes them as “the ones bathed in light, yet they everyone feel uneasy”(Ch42Pg13). Which to me suggests that it’s not uncommon to feel uncomfortable around a Vessalius.
In conclusion... The Vessalius Dukedom is shifty, don’t trust them lol
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PostSubject: Re: Prophecy and Lacie's Tomb   

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Prophecy and Lacie's Tomb
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