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 Retrace 89

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PostSubject: Retrace 89   Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:24 am

What did you guys think about the new chapter?

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Reim Lunettes


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PostSubject: Re: Retrace 89   Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:54 pm

It was an awesome chapter.

Originally I thought Echo was the original personality and that Noise is the chain-influenced one. But then I reread ch 34 where we first learn about the split personality. Echo says that Echo has been ordered by Vincent-sama to never set Noise free, which makes me think Noise is the original personality. And then Vincent says he doesn't need Echo anymore and tells them to trade places. She appears to be in some way then controlled by Vincent. It reminds me a little of how Jack would try to encourage the Alices to trade places.

Another interesting thing about chapter 89 was how Echo/Zwei said that Doldum couldn't control everyone with her strings, like she couldn't control Vincent and she wondered if it was because of his red eyes. I recall that way back in volume 9 or so, the first time we visit Sablier, Doldum is unable to control Leo. I wonder what causes some people to be controllable by Doldum, and some to not be?

OK I found the part in ch 36 where Zwei cannot control Leo with her strings. She says "I couldn't take over your consciousness. How dull! I can't manipulate the strings unless you panic more, you know?"
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Retrace 89
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