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 A theory of Lacie

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PostSubject: A theory of Lacie   Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:02 am

I was thinking about Lacie, how she is thought to be:
- The former lover of Glen baskerville
- The mother of Alice
- She was sacrified to the abyss

And thinking about The will of abyss/Intention of abyss:
- She has white hair
(like she is an old woman, but still young, since the abyss has possebilities to make people stay as they Oz he didnt looked older after 10years in the abyss. But still for example break has a young looking skin, but his hair is white as he is old, like the abyss)
- She only come to the real world some times of the day
- In one of the first episode of the anime, when the will of abyss (disguised as alice) choke Oz, and she say that she will kill him, but the voice she has, it is much darker than alice's

So I have a teori about Lacie being the Will of abyss, that would explain many things,
1. Her white hair
2. Glens purpose of locking Alice away (to see Lacie for part of the day)
3. The dark women voice in the anime in one of the first episodes,
4. and since Lacie is told to have been sacrifised to abyss, it is also quite logic that she would be in the abyss...
5. The artwork of Glen, Will of abyss and Jack (it's like all the three knew each other, so if Will of abyss is Lacie, then it is logical why they have drawed them in the picture together.

What do you guys think about my theory?Smile

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A theory of Lacie
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